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Launched from 14.04

We are Launching NEW х100 WORLD 12TH SEPTEMBER! Resets boost for new starters on x2! ! Weekly/daily/random events!! Loads of exp boosts in-game. Exclusive quests with brilliant prizes. Auto party. FRESH PROJECT! Season 6. Proper pvp balance. Friendly staff! Support 24/7 Join us !    


*Buff timer;


*8 types of wings;

*Guild warehouse;

*In-game event timer;

*Quest system;

*New items;

*New Bosses;

*New maps;


and many many more!

17.08 updates for x1000 Superior Server.

*New client (at the moment client work only for x1000 server) after update Classic server will be all in one client;
*Added Rage Fighter character;
*Added Noria, Lorencia, Devias maps;
*New mobs and items from 15 season;
*New craft for wings up to 7lvl(all crafts working);
*New events, New Bosses;
*New pets;
And a lot of new small things. You can test new updates for x1000 now with new client. Also this updates will be for x2 and x100 servers. 

All guides for new craftings, events adn another you can get in DISCORD group!

Dear Friends! We are happy to announce our new x100 world coming up in September!
Main target of this world is to minimise difference between donation players and normal. 
New x100 world won`t have Reset limits and VIPs. X-shop will bet toped up with new items such. You will find there BC, DS tickets as well as sets up to dragon legendary guardian and pets for exp boost. Pets can be obtained collecting renas and lucky coins as well as by killing mobs. VIP still can be achieved by killing goblins.

Let us remind you that we are actively chatting in discordits a place where you can communicate with other players and can get your questions answered asap.
Sincerely yours, Admins.

Please don`t forget to register your guild for castle siege

Dear players! We are glad to introduce a Castle Siege at x2 Classic Gameserver,  launched on Sunday 2.08.20. First Week of Siege will be test, so please participate with your guild!

Also we remind you for all information about server and feedback, join us in DISCORD! Forum soon will contain more information regarding our servers. Information about drop, yewel drop rate and many more will be displayed in our discord chanel this weekend.

Sincerely your Administration



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